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February 13, 2014

What music were you listening to in third grade? Ben Asbury got an early start (in the right direction too) when he started listening to punk music. He may have gotten an early start on Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours to mastery, which is why 15 years later we're listening to incredible combinations of punk and psychedelic and in the song “On The Run” from Axxa/Abraxas. There's indie rock and indie pop leanings here as well, and an occasional nod to dream pop and 60's psychedelic pop.

His label Captured Tracks calls it "psych-influenced art-pop" and cites influences as diverse as Neil Young, Television Personalities, ‘Elevators, The ‘Dead and Olivia Tremor Control and the Elephant Six collective. The kids even got Athens, Georgia bona fides, for god's sake.


The label spins the tale of how they caught on to Ben Asbury and AXXA/ABRAXAS: "The tracks on the record were written and demo’ed around the time Ben was in college (and shortly after) in Athens, GA where he was studying psychology, religion and sociology… as well as developing a fascination with analog synth that made it’s way into his mix of influences. Meanwhile, he started the RTA Collective, which featured his cassette and CDR releases along with his visual art. This combination arrived in a package to the Captured Tracks office in the form of a demo that stood out amongst the hundreds of others with it’s charged DiY silkscreen imagery and poppy fuzz psych music."

The self titled album is out on March 4 on Captured Tracks, check out the extra song "I Almost Fell" from the album below.



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