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Listen To Nothing - Guilty Of Everything (Full Album)
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February 24, 2014

What would My Bloody Valentine be like if they did a heavy album? I mean a truly heavy album, like a slowed down version of Helmet or something with deafening wall of sound guitars. This is what Nothing sounds like on their new album Guilty of Everything. They're dark ambient-shoegaze-hardcore-noise. The album is available as a full album stream from NPR Music this week.

NPR Music calls the album 'pulverizing,' saying “A profoundly thoughtful, beautifully crushing wave of droning distortion, the album is epic and stirring, even unnerving at times, but it carves a path toward enlightened serenity. Guilty of Everything opens with a warm, ringing guitar as Palermo, his gentle falsetto buried just behind the mix, sings of "summers spent in a well," alone and far from home. It's melancholy, but it feels like a reassuring balm to life's ills — just before the song erupts with the pulverizing tumult that comes to define much of the record.”


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