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Spacelab Weekend: Start Your Own Music Revolution


By: Corey Tate
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February 28, 2014


Are you tired of listening to musicians whine about how tough it is these days? Do you think that the Internet is to blame for killing music as it once used to be? Do you want to start your own revolution? Today's music road is tough to travel, but when compared to music over the past couple of the decades, it might be easier than than it ever has been to make your music, film and art. Forget the whiners and check in with three people that have the perspective of then and now: interviews with Seth Godin, Moby and Hank Shocklee as they shed light on then and now. The revolution starts TODAY.

Click on the titles below to watch each video:

Click to Play VIDEO: Moby Interview From PressPausePlay
Click to Play VIDEO: Seth Godin Interview From PressPausePlay
Click to Play VIDEO: Hank Shocklee Interview From PressPausePlay


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