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March 3, 2014

In addition to being a great song, the video for “Superscope” features cathode ray oscilloscope visuals that work really well to animate the sounds in the music. It's a full-screener for sure, you can even watch with the lights down for maximum effect. These are the visuals you'll see in Clark's new live show.

In Clark's recent Reddit AMA,  he went into some detail about Vincent Oliver who does the oscilloscope visuals, saying "...what I love about working with Vincent who does my oscilloscope visuals is just...well he's obsessed with it and seems to put in far more than is "professionally necessary" or whatever, and that really stands out, there's nothing blase or unquestioning about his approach, no sense of it being a box to tick on the "live show criteria", it feels like it's properly embedded to the music and it takes alot to that point, both from me and him."



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