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Amazon Cloud Player | App | Pricing | Review

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The Amazon Cloud Player is a streaming music service, and it lets you store music, videos, photos, and documents on Amazon's cloud servers. The Amazon Cloud Player is the interface that drives the whole Amazon music experience, it's what you see on the AmazonMP3 Store and it also drives the music playback from your library. The Amazon Cloud Player download is available for free, and it works with the Amazon Kindle Fire as well as other mobile devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.



Amazon Cloud Player App

The Amazon Cloud Player is available via its web app (with your browser); it's also available on the following devices: Kindle Fire app, iPad - iPhone - iPod touch with an iPhone app that is used for all three, Android app for phone or tablet, Sonos and Roku. Click on one of the links below to download the app for your device.

Click to download the app Amazon Cloud Player iPhone App
Click to download the app Amazon Cloud Player Android Phone App
Click to download the app Amazon Cloud Player Android Tablet App

Click to download the app Amazon Cloud Player Windows App
Click to download the app Amazon Cloud Player Mac App



Amazon Cloud Player Pricing

The Amazon Cloud Player pricing comes with 5 GB of free storage, and also has different tiers of pricing based on storage levels. All songs bought via the AmazonMP3 Store include free storage and don't count against your total.

Cloud Player Free: (250 imported songs)
Cloud Player Premium: $24.99 / year (250,000 songs)


For files, like photos and documents, the pricing is as follows:
20 GB: $10.00 / year
50 GB: $25.00 / year
100 GB: $50.00 / year
200 GB: $100.00 / year
500 GB: $250.00 / year
1000 GB: $500.00 / year


Do you use the Amazon Cloud Player? What's your review of how it works and what version of the Amazon Cloud Player app are you using?

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