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Pandora Radio | App | Download | Review | Pricing | News

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What Pandora Radio Is: Pandora Radio is a streaming radio player that recommends new music to you based on what kind of music you like. It uses the Pandora Music Genome to play songs based on your voting to like or dislike on a song. Download the Pandora Radio app below.


What Pandora Radio Does: Pandora Radio makes selections based on music you choose. You can start with an artist, song or genre and Pandora will create a streaming radio station for you based on that choice. It will recommend other artists that are similar to that choice, and will take into account what you vote on with a thumbs up or thumbs down vote. Pandora Radio will then adapt to your likes and dislikes and focus on playing music inline with your tastes. The technology behind this is known as the Music Genome Project.


Sound Quality: 192 KBPS



Pandora Radio News

Pandora Radio is raising its membership rates > FIND OUT MORE


A new survey has found that Pandora Radio is beating iTunes Radio by a factor of almost 5 Pandora users to every 1 iTunes Radio user. > FIND OUT MORE


Pandora Radio is going deep on selling political ads > FIND OUT MORE


Pandora has launched personalized station recommendations for its mobile app > FIND OUT MORE



Pandora Radio | App | Download | Review | Pricing | News

Check out new music from Drive-By Truckers, Ashanti, Eternal Summers and Lushes from Pandora Radio Premieres > LISTEN NOW


Pandora Radio | App | Download | Review | Pricing | News

A new Pandora Radio feature is personalized recommendations on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets


Pandora Radio | App | Download | Review | Pricing | News

Pandora Radio is you




Pandora Radio works along the freemium model, which is to say it's a free streaming music service supported by advertising. Pandora does offer a monthly subscription called "Pandora One."


Pandor Radio Prices:

Ad supported: Free

Pandora One: $4 per month






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