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Soundcloud is a streaming music site that is to audio what YouTube is to video. A Soundcloud account allows you to upload sounds to its site, so you can share them with anyone on the internet; it's free to use and allows you to follow other Soundcloud users. Musicians dig Soundcloud to make either streaming versions of singles available for use on the web or to test out new demos. Soundcloud will also allow anyone to "embed" the audio player in their own web site or blog, so sharing of music or audio is encouraged.



Soundcloud News

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Soundcloud Video

Is SoundCloud the YouTube of audio? SoundCloud founder Eric Wahlforss answers the question.


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Soundcloud | App | Pricing | Review | News

Be a part of the #SCcommunity > FIND OUT MORE


Soundcloud | App | Pricing | Review | News

Check out the new Soundcloud Explore feature for the web and Android app > FIND OUT MORE



Soundcloud Apps

Desktop, iPad, iPhone and Android.
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> Soundcloud Android App
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