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NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices
Start Date: June 13
End Date: June 22
Toronto, Ontario

North By Northeast NXNE is a northern reaction to the South By Southwest festival. No affiliation between the two, but somewhere along the way, someone said, "why don't we do one too?" And so the story began for NXNE. The official dates for NXNE 2014 were June 13 - 22. The NXNE 2014 lineup and NXNE tickets are below.



It's 3 nights, almost 400 bands in 25 clubs in Toronto, accompanied by non-stop panels, roundtables, workshops, seminars, and speakers for those who actually wake up while there's still daylight.



NXNE 2014 News

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NXNE 2014 Apps

The NXNE mobile app is available for iPhone and Android.
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NXNE 2014 Video

Come back during the festival weekend and after for archived NXNE video performances and live sets. Also check out our Music Festival Videos channel for music festival video coverage.

The National at NXNE


Ludacris at NXNE


Air Dubai at NXNE


NXNE Metz Interview


NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices

Courtney Barnett at NXNE 2014


NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices

The NXNE 2014 lineup is out! > FIND OUT MORE


NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices

This is what you get with a NXNE wristband


NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices

Wavves at NXNE


NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices

Earl Sweatshirt at NXNE


NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices

The Gaslight Anthem @ NXNE


NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices

Phoenix at NXNE


NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices

Volcano Choir at NXNE


NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices

NXNE has panels, live music & events


NXNE 2014 | Lineup | Tickets | Dates | Video | News | Rumors | Apps | Toronto | Prices

Live @ NXNE



NXNE 2014 Map



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NXNE Ticket Prices:

Platinum Badge - $600

Music Wristband - $150

Interactive Badge - $400

Film Wristband - $50

Comedy Wristband - $50


NXNE 2014 Lineup

NXNE Music Lineup

100s Berkeley, USA
2 Live Drew Toronto, Canada
A A Wallace Halifax, Canada
A Sol Mechanic Los Angeles, USA
Absolutely Free Toronto, Canada
Ain’t No Love Toronto, Canada
ALVVAYS Toronto, Canada
Amity Beach Toronto, Canada
Amos The Transparent Ottawa, Canada
Animal Parts Toronto, Canada
The Anna Thompsons Berlin, Germany
The Anti-Queens Toronto, Canada
Apeshit Simians Toronto, Canada
araabMUZIK Providence, USA
Ariana Gillis Hamilton, Canada
Ark Analog Toronto, Canada
Ark The God Given MC Houston, USA
Army Girls Toronto, Canada
Army of Infants Jamestown, USA
ARSON Toronto, Canada
The Ascot Royals Brantford, Canada
Astro Brooklyn, USA
The Audible Doctor Brooklyn, USA
The Auras Toronto, Canada
Autre Ne Veut New York, USA
BABES New Orleans, USA
Bad Channels Toronto, Canada
Bailiff Chicago, USA
Baked Goods Montreal, Canada
Balancer Brooklyn, USA
The Barr Brothers Montreal, Canada
Beach Day Hollywood, USA
Beach Season Calgary, Canada
Beca New York, USA
Beliefs Toronto, Canada
Bella’s Bartok Northampton, USA
Benjamin Booker New Orleans, USA
Beta Frontiers Toronto, Canada
Beyond the Mountain Toronto, Canada
b.FUNK South Plainfield, USA
Black Alley Washington, USA
The Black Diamond Express Edinburgh, UK
The Black Fever Toronto, Canada
Blaire Alise & The Bombshells Detroit, USA
Brave Little Toaster Toronto, Canada
Briar Rabbit Chicago, USA
Bugs in the Dark Brooklyn, USA
The Bynars Boston, USA
Calvin Love Edmonton, Canada
Camera Wrexham, UK
Camille Safiya Teaneck, USA
Canailles Montreal, Canada
The Cautioneers Toronto, Canada
Chalk And Numbers Brooklyn, USA
CHAMPION LOVER Toronto, Canada
Chico No Face Toronto, Canada
Circles Chicago, USA
Circuit Des Yeux Chicago, USA
Cities Aviv Memphis, USA
The Cliks Toronto, Canada
Colornoise Heredia, Costa Rica
Connoisseurs of Porn Toronto, Canada
Conrad Clifton Brooklyn, USA
Constant Deviants Brooklyn, USA
Constantina Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Charlotte Cornfield New York, USA
Cory Kendrix Austin, USA
Courtney Barnett Melbourne, Australia
Cousin Toronto, Canada
Craft Spells San Francisco, USA
CRAWL Toronto, Canada
Criminal Hygiene Los Angeles, USA
Crystal Stilts Brooklyn, USA
CTZNSHP Montreal, Canada
Cultfever Brooklyn, USA
Culture Reject Toronto, Canada
The Cunninghams Toronto, Canada
Dan Croll Liverpool, UK
Dance Laury Dance Quebec City, Canada
Dance Movie Halifax, Canada
Daniel Lopatin (Of Oneohtrix Point Never) DJ Brooklyn, USA
Daniel Moir Vancouver, Canada
Danny Brown Detroit, USA
Dave Norris & Local Ivan Toronto, Canada
David Krystal Toronto, Canada
David Rosales Huntington Beach, USA
Death Hymn Number 9 Los Angeles, USA
Decent Lovers Providence, USA
Dee-1 Metairie, USA
DÉVAH QUARTET Toronto, Canada
Devin Miles Pittsburgh, USA
Devon Lougheed Vancouver, Canada
Dick Rodan Toronto, Canada
Dirty Frigs Toronto, Canada
Distances Winnipeg, Canada
DJ Fusion (FuseBox Radio Broadcast) Waldorf, USA
DJ Jonathan Toubin New York, USA
doomsquad Toronto/Montreal, Canada
Dusted Toronto, Canada
Eagulls Leeds, UK
Ellie Herring Lexington, USA
Elvyn Toronto, Canada
Alejandro Escovedo Austin, USA
Andre Ethier Toronto, Canada
Evian Christ Ellesmere Port, UK
Evy Jane Vancouver, Canada
Falling Androids Toronto, Canada
Fast Romantics Toronto, Canada
Federal Lights Winnipeg, Canada
The Felice Brothers New York, USA
Fevers Toronto, Canada
Fine Times Richmond, Canada
First You Get The Sugar Montreal, Canada
Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party Toronto, Canada
Freeze-Tag Cleveland, USA
Fresh Snow Toronto, Canada
Fuck Buttons Bristol, UK
Future Islands Baltimore, USA
Gay Nineties Vancouver, Canada
Ghost Cousin Edmonton, Canada
Ghost Town Jenny Oakland, USA
GHXST Brooklyn, USA
Giant Hand Toronto, Canada
Glasser Boston, USA
Goat Korpilombolo, Sweden
Golden Bloom Montclair, USA
The Golden Dogs Toronto, Canada
Golden Teacher Glasgow, UK
The Good Graces Atlanta, USA
The Goodluck Assembly Ottawa, Canada
Gramercy Riffs Toronto, Canada
The Great Wilderness San José, Costa Rica
Greg Ball Kingston, Canada
Greys Toronto, Canada
Grossbuster Victoria, Canada
Guerilla Toss Boston, USA
Gunner & Smith Saskatoon, Canada
Gyles Toronto, Canada
Hands & Teeth Toronto, Canada
Hannah Epperson Calgary, Canada
Happy Fangs San Francisco, USA
Her Harbour Ottawa, Canada
Hollywood FLOSS Houston, USA
Holychild Los Angeles, USA
Holyoak Montreal, Canada
Honey Wild New York, USA
Hospital Russia
How Sad Montreal, Canada
HSY Toronto, Canada
The Human Orchestra Hamilton, Canada
Hunters Brooklyn, USA
I HATE TODD Toronto, Canada
I Smell Blood London, Canada
The Ian Fays San Francisco, USA
Idgy Dean New York, USA
Ikes London, UK
The Immortals Project Feat. El Da Sensei Jersey City, USA
The IN & OUTS Montreal, Canada
Indicator Indicator Winnipeg, Canada
The Inflation Kills Hamilton, Canada
Invasions Toronto, Canada
Ivan Ellis Chicago, USA
J. Allen New York, USA
J. Dohe Vancouver, Canada
Jackson Nova UK
Jacques Greene Montreal, Canada
Jade Novah Atlanta, USA
Jake Morley London, UK
Jennifer Foster Toronto, Canada
The Jessica Stuart Few Toronto, Canada
J’Nai Toronto, Canada
Joel Plaskett Emergency Dartmouth, Canada
Josh Geddis Bayfield, Canada
JPNSGRLS Vancouver, Canada
Juan Wauters New York, USA
Juicy J Memphis, USA
Just Juice Natick, USA
Kai Exos Toronto, Canada
Kalle Mattson Ottawa, Canada
KC Roberts & the Live Revolution Toronto, Canada
Kelela Los Angeles, USA
KENTRON Toronto, Canada
Ketamines Toronto, Canada
Ketch Harbour Wolves Toronto, Canada
The Kickback Chicago, USA
The Kickstand Band Detroit, USA
Kiings Milwaukee, USA
kins Brighton, UK
Kirin J Callinan Sydney, Australia
The Kite String Tangle Brisbane, Australia
Krystale Montreal, Canada
Kydd Austin, USA
Lakes of Canada Montreal, Canada
Laurel London, UK
Laurent Bourque Ottawa, Canada
Le1f New York, USA
Les Deuxluxes Montreal, Canada
Lindsay Barr Peterborough, Canada
Lindy Toronto, Canada
Look Vibrant Montreal, Canada
The Lovely Feathers Montreal, Canada
LOW Duluth, USA
Lux Deluxe Northampton, USA
Lynn Jackson Kitchener, Canada
Lyric Dubee Barrie, Canada
The Lytics Winnipeg, Canada
Mac DeMarco New York, USA
Madisons Austin, USA
Magnolia Halifax, Canada
MAICAMIA Montreal, Canada
The Maladies of Adam Stokes Toronto, Canada
Manic Sheep Taipei, Taiwan
Marc Haize Houston, USA
Mark Wilkinson Sydney, Australia
Marta Pacek Elwood, Australia
The Marvelous Beauhunks Oshawa, Canada
Mas Ysa Woodstock, USA
MCBC South Plainfield, USA
Meatbodies Los Angeles, USA
METZ Toronto, Canada
Mexican Slang Toronto, Canada
Mibbs (of Pac Div) Los Angeles, USA
Michael Rault Toronto, Canada
MoneyPenny Salt Lake City, USA
The Morals Barrie, Canada
Mutual Benefit Brooklyn, USA
My Darling Fury Richmond, USA
My Gold Mask Chicago, USA
Nicole Ariana Toronto, Canada
Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children Nuuk, Greenland
OBESØN Toronto, Canada
Odonis Odonis Toronto, Canada
Omar Souleyman Turkey
Oneohtrix Point Never Brooklyn, USA
Only Child Toronto, Canada
The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores Toronto, Canada
The O’Pears Toronto, Canada
Paradise Animals Toronto, Canada
Pat Maloney Toronto, Canada
Paul Fonfara and Painted Saints Saint Paul, USA
Perfect Pussy Syracuse, USA
The Pernell Reichert Band Vancouver, Canada
Pet Sun Toronto, Canada
Philly Moves Toronto, Canada
Pif Paf Hangover Montreal, Canada
The Pinz Jacksonville, USA
Pistol George Warren Greater Sudbury, Canada
The Pizza Underground Brooklyn, USA
P0ST3RB0Y Toronto, Canada
PS I Love You Kingston, Canada
Pusha T Virginia, USA
Rachel Ries Freeman, USA
radiola Paisley, UK
The Rathburns Toronto, Canada
Ratking New York City, USA
Redanda Burlington, Canada
Relic (aka Rel McCoy) Brampton, Canada
Rhye Montreal, Canada
Rich Kidd Toronto, Canada
Robert Ellis Houston, USA
The Rucksack Willies Toronto, Canada
Run The Jewels Atlanta/Brooklyn, USA
Ryan Hemsworth Toronto, Canada
Saint Rich New Jersey, USA
Scattered Clouds Hull, Canada
Scruffy & The Janitors St. Joseph, USA
Sea Oleena Montreal, Canada
Lorraine Segato Toronto, Canada
Shane Jacob Philips Portland, USA
Shawn William Clarke Toronto, Canada
Sherman Downey and The Ambiguous Case Corner Brook, Canada
Shivering Timbers Akron, USA
Shock T’s Chicago, USA
Sidney York Calgary, Canada
Silent Movie Type Windsor, Canada
Silvergun & Spleen Ottawa, Canada
Sing Leaf Toronto, Canada
Sleigh Bells Brooklyn, USA
Slim Wray Brooklyn, USA
Slow Down Molasses Saskatoon, Canada
Small Black Brooklyn, USA
Smooth Hound Smith Nashville, USA
Soul Khan Brooklyn, USA
Speedy Ortiz Northampton, USA
Spiritualized Rugby, UK
Spoon Austin, USA
St. Vincent New York City, USA
Sue Newberry & The Law Toronto, Canada
Suitcase Sam & the Suits Toronto, Canada
Sumo Cyco Toronto, Canada
Sunrise and Good People Montreal, Canada
Suns of Stone Ottawa, Canada
Svavar Knútur Reykjavik, Iceland
Swans New York, USA
Swearin’ Philadelphia, USA
Sweet Alibi Winnipeg, Canada
Sylvan Esso Durham, USA
Tartar Control Los Angeles, USA
Technical Kidman Montreal, Canada
Teen Tits Wild Wives Toronto, Canada
Tennyson Edmonton, Canada
Tess Parks Toronto, Canada
THIGHS Toronto, Canada
The This Many Boyfriends Club Montreal, Canada
Thoughts On Air Hamilton, Canada
Thug Entrancer Denver, USA
Tied to Machines Banbridge/Belfast, UK
Tiers Brooklyn, USA
Tim Hecker Montreal, Canada
Tiny Hearts Los Angeles, USA
Tobacco Allegheny County, USA
The Treasures Toronto, Canada
tUnE-yArDs Connecticut, USA
Tyler Ellis & The Eddy Line Toronto, Canada
Typhoon Portland, USA
Unfinished Business Toronto, Canada
The Unicorn Patrol Toronto, Canada
Until The Ribbon Breaks Cardiff, UK
Unwed Mothers Edmonton, Canada
V For Escargot Montreal, Canada
Viet Cong Calgary, Canada
Waiting For Henry Maywood, USA
Wake Island Montreal, Canada
Walrus Halifax, Canada
Walter Senko Windsor, Canada
The WAYO Halifax, Canada
We Were Heads Toronto, Canada
Weeknight New York, USA
Whimm Toronto, Canada
White Mystery Chicago, USA
White Poppy Vancouver, Canada
Whiteboy Slim Moose Jaw, Canada
Wild Leaves New York, USA
Wish Toronto, Canada
WTCHS Hamilton, Canada
Xiu Xiu San Jose, USA
THE YIPS Ottawa, Canada
Young Magic Brooklyn, USA
Zeus Toronto, Canada
Zorch Austin, USA


NXNE Comedy Lineup

A Shoddy Magician (Toronto, Canada)
Aaron Weingott (Toronto, Canada)
Adam Christie (Toronto, Canada)
Alex Pavone (Toronto, Canada)
Amanda Day (Toronto, Canada)
Amateur Night (Toronto, Canada)
Andrew Ivimey (Toronto, Canada)
Andy Milonakis (Los Angeles, USA)
Anthony Kapfer (New York, USA)
Ariel Kagan (Toronto, Canada)
Ben Miner (Toronto, Canada)
Brian Ward (Toronto, Canada)
Cal Post (Toronto, Canada)
Chris Allin (Toronto, Canada)
Chris Roberts (Toronto, Canada)
Cicero Salmon III (Los Angeles, USA)
Clara Bijl
Clifford Myers (Hamilton, Canada)
Craig Fay (Toronto, Canada)
Dan Guiry (Toronto, Canada)
Danny Polishchuk (Toronto, Canada)
Dave Atkinson (Toronto, Canada)
Dave Weasel (Winnipeg, Canada)
DeAnne Smith (Presented By Empire Comedy) (Montreal, Canada)
Definition Of Knowledge (Toronto, Canada)
Ed Hill
Emma Willmann (New York City, USA)
The Epic Nerd Show (Toronto, Canada)
Fan Fiction The Show Presents: Sailor Moon (Toronto, Canada)
Fraser Young (Toronto, Canada)
Garrett Clark (Vancouver, Canada)
Garrett Jamieson (Toronto, Canada)
Hunter Collins (Montreal, Canada)
Ian Gordon (Toronto, Canada)
James Nghiem (Los Angeles, USA)
Jon Schabl (Sherman Oaks, USA)
Jordan Cohen (Vancouver, Canada)
Jordan Foisy (Toronto, Canada)
Kate Wolff (New York City, USA)
Kathleen Phillips (Toronto, Canada)
Kimrie Lewis Davis (Sherman Oaks, USA)
Kurt Braunohler (Presented by Empire Comedy) (Los Angeles, USA)
Mark DeBonis (Toronto, Canada)
Megan Pettit (Hamilton, Canada)
Miguel Dalmau (New York City, USA)
Mike Cannon (New York City, USA)
Monty Scott (Toronto, Canada)
Nick Reynoldson (Toronto, Canada)
Pat MacDonald (Toronto, Canada)
Peter Anthony (Toronto, Canada)
Quip Talk With Nicky (Toronto, Canada)
Reggie Watts (New York City, USA)
Richie Redding (New York City, USA)
Robert Kelly (Boston, USA)
The Rocket Scientists (Toronto, Canada)
Ryan Schutt (Washington, USA)
Sam Burns (Toronto, Canada)
Sandra Battaglini (Toronto, Canada)
Scott Thompson (Toronto, Canada)
Shane Murphy (Toronto, Canada)
Shock T’s (Chicago, USA)
Simon Amstell (London, UK)
Stephen Spinola (East Meadow, USA)
Steve Patrick Adams (Toronto, Canada)
Tartar Control (Los Angeles, USA)
The Templeton Philharmonic (Toronto, Canada)
Terry Clement (Toronto, Canada)
Tim Golden (Toronto, Canada)
Tim Nasiopoulos (Toronto, Canada)
Todd Graham (Toronto, Canada)
Wes Barker – Stunt Magician (Surrey, Canada)
Xerxes Cortez (Toronto, Canada)
Zabrina Chevannes (Toronto, Canada)


Who do you want to see in the NXNE 2014 lineup?

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