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SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels
Starts: March 17
Ends: March 22
Austin, Texas

SXSW is the gathering that shapes the rest of the year ... check out anybody who'll be somebody at SXSW Music 2015 in Austin, Texas. It's a week of shows, discussion panels, schmoozing, new bands, schmoozing, drunkenness while trying to schmooze, etc. There's a simultaneous SXSW Film Festival and SXSW Interactive component to cover the web. These are the dates for SXSW 2015: Interactive: March 6 - 10, Film: March 6 - 15, SXSW Music: March 17 - 22. The SXSW Music 2015 lineup and SXSW 2015 tickets are below.



SXSW Music 2015 News

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SXSW Music 2015 Mobile App

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SXSW Music 2015 Video

Check out our SXSW Music Video Channel for videos from previous festivals. Then come back during the festival weekend and after for archived performances and live sets.

Watch a video by clicking on a title below:

Click to Play VIDEO: St Vincent Interview at SXSW Music
Click to Play VIDEO: Gary Numan Interview at SXSW Music
Click to Play VIDEO: Pony Bwoy at SXSW Music
Click to Play VIDEO: Skrillex at SXSW Music
Click to Play VIDEO: Zedd at SXSW Music
Click to Play VIDEO: Haim at SXSW Music
Click to Play VIDEO: Dum Dum Girls at SXSW Music
Click to Play VIDEO: SXSW 2014 Music Keynote: Lady Gaga
Click to Play VIDEO: Kanye West And Jay-Z at SXSW Music
Click to Play VIDEO: The Flaming Lips at SXSW Music
Click to Play VIDEO: Flying Lotus live at SXSW Music




SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Viet Cong are in the #SXSW 2015 Artist Highlight > FIND OUT MORE


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

2015 SXSW Music app is now available! > FIND OUT MORE


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

SXSW Music: Best Coast


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

SXSW Music: Tenacious D


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Future Islands at SXSW Music


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Steve Aoki & Lil Jon at SXSW Music


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Live at SXSW Music


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Ty Segall at SXSW Music


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Echo at SXSW Music


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Foo Fighters at SXSW Music


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Childish Gambino at SXSW Music


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

SOCALLED will be at SXSW Music 2015


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Marianne Dissard will be at SXSW Music 2015


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Suboi will be at SXSW Music 2015


SXSW Music: South By Southwest 2015 | Tickets | Prices | Lineup | Rumors | Film Festival | Dates | Mobile App | Video | Austin | Hotels

Deers are in the SXSW Music 2015 lineup


SXSW 2015 Hotels

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SXSW 2015 Ticket Prices & Deadlines

09/12 10/24 11/21 01/16


Platinum $1,345 $1,425 $1,495 $1,575 $1,645 $1,745
Gold $1,025 $1,125 $1,225 $1,295 $1,395 $1,495
Music $650 $695 $725 $750 $795 $895
Film $525 $550 $575 $625 $650 $695
Interactive $825 $925 $1,025 $1,095 $1,195 $1,295


SXSW Music 2015 Lineup

Dilated Peoples
Hundred Waters
Jacuzzi Boys
Lil Herb
Rey Pila
Run the Jewels
The Vaccines


Third Wave SXSW Music Lineup Announcement

5ive (Earth TX)
The 69 Cats (Austin TX)
The Accidentals (Traverse City MI)
The Acorn (Ottawa CANADA)
A.Dd+ (Dallas TX)
Adia (Huntsville AL)
AFC (Montevideo URUGUAY)
Akka (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
All Them Witches (Nashville TN)
Amason (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Ambassadeurs (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Amsterdamn! (Mannheim GERMANY)
American Aquarium (Raleigh NC)
Rick Anderson (Fort Worth TX)
Apanhadar Só (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)
Dave Arcari (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Aries (Bilbao SPAIN)
Arrows of Love (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ben Arthur (New York NY)
Asleep at the Wheel (Austin TX)
ASTR (New York NY)
astronomyy (Worcestershire UK-ENGLAND)
Avers (Richmond VA)
Avid Dancer (Los Angeles CA)
Baby Baby (Atlanta GA)
Bad Breeding (Stevenage UK-ENGLAND)
Bad Cop (Nashville TN)
Bill Baird (Oakland CA)
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash (Austin TX)
Battle Lines (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Beacon (Brooklyn NY)
Bee Caves (Austin TX)
Begun (Barcelona SPAIN)
Bell Gardens (Pico Rivera CA)
Jarren Benton (Atlanta GA)
Berner (San Francisco CA)
Berri Txarrak (Lekunberri SPAIN)
Best Coast (Los Angeles CA)
Beto y los Fairlanes (Austin TX)
Peter Bibby (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Big Data (Brooklyn NY)
Big Harp (Burbank CA)
Big Pup (Houston TX)
Birdlegg (Austin TX)
Bituaya (Caracas VENEZUELA)
Hector Bizerk (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Black Books (Austin TX)
The Blackfoot Gypsies (Nashville TN)
Black Onassis (Queens NY)
Black Pistol Fire (Austin TX)
Blaze (Richmond VA)
Bleachers (New York NY)
The Blind Pets (Austin TX)
Blind Prophet (South Fork NY)
Blitz Kids (Nantwich UK-ENGLAND)
Blossoms (Stockport UK-ENGLAND)
BOAN (Houston TX)
Boogie (Long Beach CA)
Boomerang (Montevideo URUGUAY)
Bo-Peep (Tokyo JAPAN)
Leon Bridges (Fort Worth TX)
Hollis Brown (New York NY)
Jewel Brown (Houston TX)
Buffalo Sunn (Dublin IRELAND)
Will Butler (Montreal CANADA)
Buxton (Houston TX)
Kirin J Callinan (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Caloncho (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Carolina Camacho (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)
Brooke Candy (Los Angeles CA)
Max Capote (Montevideo URUGUAY)
Carnival Kids (Oslo NORWAY)
Tuki Carter (Atlanta GA)
Cartright (Austin TX)
The Casket Girls (Savannah GA)
Catfish and the Bottlemen (Llandudno UK-WALES)
Chris Catalena And The Native Americans (Austin TX)
Celestial Trax (London UK-ENGLAND)
Centavrvs (Mexico City MEXICO)
Chaos Chaos (Brooklyn NY)
Chasing Grace (Herefordshire UK-ENGLAND)
Chevy Woods (Pittsburgh PA)
Christine and the Queens (Nantes FRANCE)
Circa Waves (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Circo Vulkano (Caracas VENEZUELA)
Clean Bandit (London UK-ENGLAND)
Cold Fronts (Philadelphia PA)
Cold Mailman (Oslo NORWAY)
B.Cooper (Nashville TN)
Dillon Cooper (Brooklyn NY)
JP Cooper (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Ryan Corn (Cape Girardeau MO)
Country Cousins (formerly V.I.P) (Austin TX)
Count This Penny (Madison WI)
Coves (Leamington Spa UK-ENGLAND)
Crayon Pop (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
CRUISR (Philadelphia PA)
Anthony D'Amato (New York NY)
Erica Danea (Kansas City MO)
Douglas Dare (London UK-ENGLAND)
Da T.r.u.t.h (Philadelphia PA)
Delaney Davidson (Lyttelton NEW ZEALAND)
Marie Davidson (Montreal CANADA)
Andrea Dawson (Austin TX)
D'Banj (Zaria NIGERIA)
Dead Leaf Echo (New York NY)
Deadman (Lockhart TX)
DeJ Loaf (Detroit MI)
Delicate Steve (Fredon NJ)
The Delta Riggs (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Deraj (Orlando FL)
Lee DeWyze (Van Nuys CA)
Diarrhea Planet (Nashville TN)
Division Minuscula (Matamoros MEXICO)
Dj Buddha (Missouri City TX)
DJ dTrain (Dallas TX)
J.R. Donato (Chicago IL)
Dosti Music Project (Brooklyn NY)
Dott (Galway IRELAND)
Dre Prince (Austin TX)
Dubioza Kolektiv (Sarajevo BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA)
Dwagie (Tainan TAIWAN)
Echo (Taipei TAIWAN)
El Dusty (Corpus Christi TX)
ELE (Madrid SPAIN)
El Extraño (Quito ECUADOR)
El General Paz & La Triple Frontera (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Elliott Brood (Toronto CANADA)
Elliphant (Stockholm SWEDEN)
El Ultimo Vecino (Barcelona SPAIN)
Emmy The Great (London UK-ENGLAND)
Empires (Chicago IL)
Enjambre (Zacatecas MEXICO)
Epik High (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
EPROM (Portland OR)
Eptos Uno (Mexico City MEXICO)
ESTA. (Temecula CA)
Et Tu Brucé (London UK-ENGLAND)
Experimental Aircraft (Austin TX)
Fabryka (Bari ITALY)
Falcons (Los Angeles CA)
Falls (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Fantastic Negrito (Oakland CA)
Farao (London UK-ENGLAND)
Fences (Seattle WA)
J Fernandez (Chicago IL)
Fickle Friends (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Fight Like Apes (Dublin IRELAND)
Five Eight (Athens GA)
Fjaak (Berlin GERMANY)
Flesh Lights (Austin TX)
ForteBowie (Atlanta GA)
Fort Lean (Brooklyn NY)
Fort Romeau (London UK-ENGLAND)
Fotogramas (Valparaíso CHILE)
Francisco The Man (Los Angeles CA)
Frankie & The Heartstrings (Sunderland UK-ENGLAND)
Kirk Franklin (Fort Worth TX)
The Franklin Electric (Montreal CANADA)
Frank & Tony (Brooklyn NY)
Free Weed (Los Angeles CA)
Frog Eyes (Vancouver CANADA)
Max Frost (Austin TX)
Future Death (Austin TX)
Futurebirds (Athens GA)
Fyfe (London UK-ENGLAND)
GABI (Brooklyn NY)
Alex G (Philadelphia PA)
Gal Pals (Austin TX)
Jack Garratt (London UK-ENGLAND)
Orla Gartland (Dublin IRELAND)
Gem Club (Somerville MA)
Gengahr (London UK-ENGLAND)
Geographer (San Francisco CA)
Ghetts (London UK-ENGLAND)
Gifted |007 of RAW (Houston TX)
Girl Band (Dublin IRELAND)
Girlpool (Los Angeles CA)
The Giving Tree Band (Yorkville IL)
God Damn (Wolverhampton UK-ENGLAND)
Gold Beach (Austin TX)
Golden Fable (Mold UK-WALES)
Fraser A. Gorman (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Go Wolf (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Fede Graña & Los Prolijos (Montevideo URUGUAY)
Grape St. (Austin TX)
Great Caesar (New York NY)
Great Good Fine Ok (Brooklyn NY)
Great Ytene (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jackie Greene (Sacramento CA)
Milo Greene (Los Angeles CA)
Green River Ordinance (Fort Worth TX)
Grey Lands (Toronto CANADA)
Solomon Grey (London UK-ENGLAND)
G.R.I.T. Boys (Houston TX)
Grits (Nashville TN)
Guantamano Baywatch (Portland OR)
Gustave Tiger (Budapest HUNGARY)
Clareta Haddon (Detroit MI)
Nick Hakim (Washington DC)
Halsey (New York NY)
Baptiste W. Hamon (Bordeaux FRANCE)
Jesse Harris with Star Rover (New York NY)
Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Haust (Oslo NORWAY)
Ronnie Heart (Fort Worth TX)
Heat (Berlin GERMANY)
Heeney (Brooklyn NY)
Hey Mother Death (Halifax CANADA)
High Ends (Vancouver CANADA)
High-Functioning Flesh (Los Angeles CA)
Hikes (Austin TX)
Marian Hill (Philadelphia PA)
Hitchhiker (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Homeboy Sandman (Queens NY)
Hopsin (Panorama City CA)
Hospital Ships (Austin TX)
Houdini Dax (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Houndmouth (New Albany IN)
Hounds (London UK-ENGLAND)
Houndstooth (Portland OR)
Hugh (London UK-ENGLAND)
Estereo Humanzee (Quito ECUADOR)
Humming House (Nashville TN)
Hundred Visions (Austin TX)
Huntar (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Hunts (Chesapeake VA)
HxdB (Vancouver CANADA)
Indevotion (Oskarshamn SWEDEN)
In-Flight Safety (Halifax CANADA)
Intimate Stranger (Santiago CHILE)
Intocable (Zapata TX)
Intrépidos Navegantes (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Jaill (Milwaukee WI)
JAWS (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
Jawws (Nashville TN)
JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound (Chicago IL)
JEFF the Brotherhood (Nashville TN)
JLD (Fort Worth TX)
John & Jacob (Birmingham AL)
John Mills Times Ten (Austin TX)
Sean C. Johnson (Oklahoma City OK)
Canton Jones (Atlanta TX)
Chad Jones (Memphis TN)
The Jones Family Singers (Bay City TX)
Rochelle Jordan (Toronto CANADA)
Joseph (Portland OR)
Joywave (Rochester NY)
J'son (St Louis MO)
Juce (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jukebox the Ghost (Washington DC)
Junk Riot (Tallinn ESTONIA)
Max Jury (Des Moines IA)
Jutty Ranx (Los Angeles CA)
Kabaka Pyramid and the Bebble Rockers (Kingston JAMAICA)
Kadavar (Berlin GERMANY)
Kadence (Oklahoma City OK)
Kandace Springs (Nashville TN)
Vordan Karmir (Yerevan ARMENIA)
Kate Boy (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Jorma Kaukonen (Pomeroy OH)
Joe Kay (Los Angeles CA)
Kelela (Los Angeles CA)
Eddy Kenzo (Dallas TX)
Key! (Atlanta GA)
Kid Dakota (Minneapolis MN)
King Charles (London UK-ENGLAND)
King Chip (Cleveland OH)
Kingdom Muzic (Abilene TX)
King Mez (Raleigh NC)
The Kite String Tangle (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Kitten (Los Angeles CA)
Knxwledge (Los Angeles CA)
Korma (Seattle WA)
The Krayolas (San Antonio TX)
Krill (Boston MA)
Kwabs (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jake La Botz (Beacon NY)
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders (Blue Mountains AUSTRALIA)
La Guacha (Santiago CHILE)
La Inedita (Lima PERU)
Laleh (Stokholm SWEDEN)
Tory Lanez (Toronto CANADA)
Lapalux (London UK-ENGLAND)
LaToria (Dallas TX)
Laurel (Portsmouth UK-ENGLAND)
The Lees of Memory (Nashville TN)
Le Galaxie (Dublin IRELAND)
Jasmine Le'Shea (Atlanta GA)
Levante (Turin ITALY)
The Levites (Austin TX)
The Lighthouse and the Whaler (Cleveland OH)
Lion Babe (New York NY)
Little Simz (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jeff Lofton (Austin TX)
Lois and The Love (London UK-ENGLAND)
Grace London (Austin TX)
Look Vibrant (Montreal CANADA)
Calvin Love (Edmonton CANADA)
Rosie Lowe (London UK-ENGLAND)
Lucette (Edmonton CANADA)
Mac MacIntosh (Austin TX)
Meg Mac (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Made Violent (Buffalo NY)
Magic Island (Berlin GERMANY)
Mahousyoujo-ni-naritai (Tokyo JAPAN)
Tkay Maidza (Adelaide AUSTRALIA)
The Maine (Tempe AZ)
Mainland (New York NY)
Mako (Los Angeles CA)
Mandolin Orange (Carrboro NC)
Marina and the Diamonds (London UK-ENGLAND)
Maritime (Milwaukee WI)
Marmozets (Bingley UK-ENGLAND)
Massive Scar Era (Cairo EGYPT)
Matlock Phantom Slick (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sean McConnell (Nashville TN)
MC Jin (New York NY)
MC Luka (Mexico City MEXICO)
Meat Market (Oakland CA)
Melié (Santiago CHILE)
Meltybrains? (Dublin IRELAND)
The Memories (Los Angeles CA)
Bonnie Mercer (St Kilda AUSTRALIA)
Mexican Institute of Sound + Toy Selectah (Mexico City MEXICO)
Michna (New York NY)
Mike G (Austin TX)
The Milk Carton Kids (Los Angeles CA)
Marie Miller (Shenandoah Valley VA)
Tor Miller (New York NY)
Derek Minor (Nashville TN)
Mise en Scene (Winnipeg CANADA)
The Miseries (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
MisterWives (New York NY)
MK (Brooklyn NY)
Mon Laferte (Mexico City MEXICO)
Moonlight Towers (Austin TX)
More Than Conquerors (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Morgan Heritage (Kingston JAMAICA)
Sam Morrow (Los Angeles CA)
Mother Mother (Vancouver CANADA)
Moumoon (Tokyo JAPAN)
Mozart's Sister (Montreal CANADA)
Mr. Pauer (Miami FL)
Music Band (Nashville TN)
My Education (Austin TX)
My Education/Theta Naught: Sound Mass (Austin TX)
Nabiha (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Nach (Alicante SPAIN)
Natig Rhythm Group (Baku AZERBAIJAN)
Willie Heath Neal (Atlanta GA)
NE-HI (Chicago IL)
New Fumes (Dallas TX)
New Hands (Hamilton CANADA)
Night Terrors of 1927 (Los Angeles CA)
Niia (Needham MA)
Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children (Nuuk GREENLAND)
Nothing But Thieves (Southend-On-Sea UK-ENGLAND)
Nuns (Tulsa OK)
OCD: Moosh & Twist (Philadelphia PA)
On An On (Minneapolis MN)
Once Tiros (Montevideo URUGUAY)
One Bit (Royston UK-ENGLAND)
PPL MVR (Los Angeles CA)
Oracles (Berlin GERMANY)
Lindi Ortega (Toronto CANADA)
Oscar Key Sung (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Oscar and the Wolf (Oostende BELGIUM)
Ben Ottewell (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Tasha Page-Lockhart (Detroit MI)
Palma Violets (London UK-ENGLAND)
Paper Aeroplanes (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Paper Lions (Charlottetown CANADA)
Parlour Tricks (New York NY)
Part Time (Los Angeles CA)
Mikhael Paskalev (Alesund NORWAY)
Paula & Karol (Warsaw POLAND)
Corey Paul and Reconcile (Frontline Movement) (Houston TX)
Peelander-Z (New York NY)
Penguin Prison (New York NY)
The People The Poet (Pontypridd UK-WALES)
Pillar Point (Seattle WA)
Pirates Canoe (Kyoto JAPAN)
Pity Sex (Ann Arbor MI)
Pomo (Montreal CANADA)
Populous (Lecce ITALY)
Jesse Porter (Host) (Dallas TX)
Possessed by Paul James (Boerne TX)
The Posterz (Montreal CANADA)
Natalie Prass (Nashville TN)
Prefiero Fernandez (Santiago CHILE)
Prince Rama (New York NY)
Prinze George (Prince George's County MD)
Propain (Houston TX)
Qarabagh Ensemble (Baku Baki AZERBAIJAN)
Quiet Kids (McAllen TX)
Quiet Life (Portland OR)
quttinirpaaq (Austin TX)
Rabit (Houston TX)
RAC (Portland OR)
Arum Rae (Brooklyn NY)
Ramesh (Austin TX)
Rashid (São Paulo BRAZIL)
(RAS) Riders Against the Storm (Austin TX)
Michael Rault (Toronto CANADA)
Redinho (London UK-SCOTLAND)
Ray Reed (Fort Worth TX)
Remi. (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Graham Reynolds and Golden Arm Trio (Austin TX)
Ringo Deathstarr (Austin TX)
Lawrence Rothman (Los Angeles CA)
Roxy Roca (Austin TX)
Royal Thunder (Atlanta GA)
Rozwell Kid (East Haven CT)
Rubblebucket (Brooklyn NY)
Samurai Dynamites (Tokyo JAPAN)
San Cisco (Fremantle AUSTRALIA)
Sarkodie (Tema GHANA)
The Saturday Tea (Warsaw POLAND)
Ed Schrader's Music Beat (Baltimore MD)
Sego (Los Angeles CA)
Seinabo Sey (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Self Defense Family (Philadelphia PA)
Roger Sellers (Austin TX)
Sevdaliza (Rotterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
The Sheepdogs (Saskatoon CANADA)
Sheer Mag (Philadelphia PA)
Tei Shi (Vancouver CANADA)
Amanda Shires (Nashville TN)
The Shivas (Portland OR)
Shivery Shakes (Austin TX)
The Shrine (Venice CA)
Shura (London UK-ENGLAND)
ShySpeaks (Dallas TX)
Side Effect (Yangon MYANMAR)
The Sign Of Human (Taipei TAIWAN)
Sihasin (Flagstaff AZ)
Silent Land Time Machine (Austin TX)
A. Sinclair (Austin TX)
Single Mothers (London CANADA)
Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds (Brooklyn NY)
Slothrust (Brooklyn NY)
Slow Down Molasses (Saskatoon CANADA)
Shane Smith & the Saints (Austin TX)
Snack Family (London UK-ENGLAND)
Soak (Derry UK-ENGLAND)
Social Club (Ft Lauderdale FL)
Raquel Sofia (Mayagüez PUERTO RICO)
Son Little (Philadelphia PA)
Son Lux (Denver CO)
Sons of Bill (Charlottesville VA)
Soul Man Sam (Austin TX)
SPELLS (Denver CO)
SPF666 (Portland OR)
Alexis Spight (Kansas City MO)
Spirit Family Reunion (New York NY)
Spring King (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Springtime Carnivore (Los Angeles CA)
Starlings, TN (Austin TX)
.stendal (Mexico City MEXICO)
Jeff Stuart and The Hearts (Edmonton CANADA)
Tove Styrke (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Danay Suarez (La Habana CUBA)
Summer Cannibals (Portland OR)
Frida Sundemo (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Sunset Sons (Hossegor FRANCE)
Swearing At Motorists (Hamburg GERMANY)
Swimm (Los Angeles CA)
SwizZz (North Hills CA)
Talk in Tongues (Los Angeles CA)
Taymir (The Hague THE NETHERLANDS)
T Bird & the Breaks (Austin TX)
Team Zoe (Oakland CA)
Teen Flirt (Monterrey MEXICO)
Kate Tempest (London UK-ENGLAND)
T. Hardy Morris (Athens GA)
The/Das (Berlin GERMANY)
THEESatisfaction (Seattle WA)
Think No Think (Austin TX)
Thi'sl (St Louis MO)
Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! (Foligno Umbria ITALY)
Toffee (Taipei TAIWAN)
Jonah Tolchin (Princeton NJ)
The Tontons (Houston TX)
Torres (Brooklyn NY)
Trae Tha Truth (Houston TX)
Triathalon (Savannah GA)
T.S.O. (Chicago IL)
Tunacola (Santiago CHILE)
turan (London UK-ENGLAND)
Turbogeist (London UK-ENGLAND)
Tuxedo (Los Angeles CA)
TX Connect (Dallas TX)
Uncle Lucius (Austin TX)
United Fruit (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Unlocking The Truth (New York NY)
Until The Ribbon Breaks (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Urban Cone (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Cristina Valentina (Lima PERU)
Vandaveer (Washington DC)
Ben Vaughn (Los Angeles CA)
Vaults (London UK-ENGLAND)
VÉRITÉ (New York NY)
Vic and Gab (Milwaukee WI)
Victorious! (Austin TX)
Viet Cong (Calgary CANADA)
Walking On Cars (Dingle IRELAND)
Walking Shapes (New York NY)
The Walls Group (Houston TX)
ZZ Ward (Los Angeles CA)
We Are The City (Vancouver CANADA)
Ryn Weaver (New York, NY)
Laura Welsh (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Wet Secrets (Edmonton CANADA)
Eric White (Austin TX)
Glenn White (New York NY)
Matthew E. White (Richmond VA)
White Reaper (Louisville KY)
Why Not Satellite (Austin TX)
Wild Child (Austin TX)
Wild Party (San Antonio TX)
Willa (Vancouver CANADA)
Wilsen (New York NY)
Daniel Wilson (Detroit MI)
The Wind & The Wave (Austin TX)
Alex Winston (New York NY)
Wiz Kid (Lagos NIGERIA)
World Rejects (Houston TX)
Wrestlers (Houston TX)
Dizzy Wright (Las Vegas NV)
X Ambassadors (Brooklyn NY)
Yip Deceiver (Athens GA)
Yo Gotti (Memphis TN)
Young Karin (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Yung Redd (Houston TX)
Pia Zapata (Valparaiso CHILE)


Second Wave SXSW Music Lineup Announcement

Matías Aguayo (Berlin GERMANY)
Lydia Ainsworth (Toronto CANADA)
The Amazing Snakeheads (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Kimberly Anne (London UK-ENGLAND)
Asian Chairshot (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Babes (Los Angeles CA)
Bad Vibes (Oakland CA)
The Ballroom Thieves (Boston MA)
Del Barber (Winnipeg CANADA)
Beat Connection (Seattle WA)
BeatKing (Houston TX)
Beaty Heart (London UK-ENGLAND)
BJ The Chicago Kid (Chicago IL)
Black Violin (Miami FL)
Guy Blakeslee (Los Angeles LA)
The Blind Shake (Minneapolis MN)
Suzy Bogguss (Nashville TN)
BØRNS (Los Angeles CA )
The Bros. Landreth (Winnipeg CANADA)
Tom Brosseau (Los Angeles CA)
B.Traits (London England UK-ENGLAND)
Cairo Knife Fight (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Cancer Bats (Toronto CANADA)
Capitan Tifus (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Blake Carrington (Toronto CANADA)
Cathedrals (San Francisco CA)
Chancha Via Circuito (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
ChoZe (Atlanta GA)
Christian S (Cologne GERMANY)
Chui (Zagreb CROATIA)
Cinematic Experience (Berlin GERMANY)
CJ Fly (Brooklyn NY)
Coffeehouse (Santiago CHILE)
Amy Cook (Austin TX)
The Cribs (Wakefield UK-ENGLAND)
Denzel Curry (Miami FL)
Karla da Silva (São Paulo BRAZIL)
Dear Boy (Los Angeles CA)
Death Valley Girls (Los Angeles CA)
Delhi 2 Dublin (Vancouver CANADA)
Robert DeLong (Los Angeles CA)
DeLorean (Houston TX)
The Deslondes (New Orleans LA)
The Digital Wild (Austin TX)
Marianne Dissard (Paris FRANCE)
The Districts (Philadelphia PA)
DJ Blue Hawaii (Montreal CANADA)
DJ Earl (Chicago IL)
DJ Halo (Oakland CA)
DJ HVAD (Copenhagen DENMARK)
DJ Spinn (New York NY)
Doeman (Houston TX)
Doughbeezy (Houston TX)
Dream Koala (Paris FRANCE)
Dr. Rackle And The Sound Griots (New Orleans LA)
DJ Duffey (Dallas TX)
The Dunwells (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
East India Youth (London UK-ENGLAND)
ELEL (Nashville TN)
Ellie Herring (Lexington KY)
Elvis Depressedly (Asheville NC)
Escort (Brooklyn NY)
Javier Escovedo and the City Lights (San Diego CA)
EX-CULT (Memphis TN)
Sean Falyon (Atlanta GA)
Famasloop (Miami FL)
Father (Atlanta GA)
Fielded (New York NY)
The fin. (Tokyo JAPAN)
Diana Fuentes (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Gang Of Four (London UK-ENGLAND)
Gang Of Youths (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Garden City Movement (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Gateway Drugs (Los Angeles CA)
Jacco Gardner (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
Ghost Magnet Roach Motel (Tijuana MEXICO)
Giant³ Sand (Tucson AZ)
Girl Pilot (Austin TX)
Good Harvest (Falun SWEDEN)
Philipp Gorbachev (Berlin GERMANY)
Jon Dee Graham (Austin TX)
William Harries Graham (Austin TX)
Grand Analog (Toronto CANADA)
Gyptian (King Western JAMAICA)
Monica Heldal (Oslo NORWAY)
Hiatus Kaiyote (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Highly Suspect (Brooklyn NY)
Hippo Campus (Minneapolis MN)
Ho9909 (Newark NJ)
Reuben Hollebon (Norfolk UK-ENGLAND)
HOLYCHILD (Los Angeles CA)
Holy Esque (East Kilbride UK-SCOTLAND)
I Am Giant (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Ice Prince (Lagos NIGERIA)
Ikonika (London UK-ENGLAND)
Iyanya (Lagos NIGERIA)
Jamestown Revival (Austin TX)
Mick Jenkins (Chicago IL)
July Talk (Toronto CANADA)
Kaleo (Mosfellsbær ICELAND)
Kawehi (Eudora KS)
Tori Kelly (Los Angeles CA)
KEN mode (Winnipeg CANADA)
Kill! Kill! Pussycat! (Ange SWEDEN)
Victoria Kimani (Los Angeles CA)
Elle King (Brooklyn NY)
King Tuff (Brattleboro VT)
Natasha Kmeto (Portland OR)
Kosha Dillz (Los Angeles CA)
La Luz (Seattle WA)
La Mecanica Popular (New York NY)
Nikki Lane (Greenville SC)
La Sabrosura Dura (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Laza (Springfield MA)
Lazyeyes (Brooklyn NY)
Lenka (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
LIL J (Austin TX)
Longfellow (Brockley UK-ENGLAND)
Los Aldeanos (Havana CUBA)
The Lowest Pair (Olympia WA)
Lowkey (Austin TX)
Austin Lucas (Bloomington IN)
Macaco (SPAIN) (Barcelona SPAIN)
The Magnettes (Lulea SWEDEN)
Mallory Knox (Ely UK-ENGLAND)
Mansionair (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Mao Loading (Bogota COLOMBIA)
The Mastersons (Austin TX)
Mighty Oaks (Berlin GERMANY)
Mirror Travel (Austin TX)
Chris Mitchell (Houston TX)
Moe Gang (Houston TX)
Machel Montano (Port of Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
Moon City Boys (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Moon Honey (Los Angeles CA)
Ian Moore (Seattle WA)
Bob Moses (New York NY)
Mother Falcon (Austin TX)
Motopony (Seattle WA)
Mr Play (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Mud Howlers (Mexico City MEXICO)
Mumiy Troll (Vladivostok RUSSIA)
My Jerusalem (Austin TX)
Mysonne (New York NY)
The Mystery Lights (Brooklyn NY)
Israel Nash (Dripping Springs TX)
Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real (Venice CA)
Night School (Oakland CA)
Nihils (Waidring AUSTRIA)
Northcote (Victoria CANADA)
Nyla (Kingston JAMAICA)
O Amor Existe (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)
Odesza (Seattle WA)
Adil Omar (Islamabad PAKISTAN)
Only Real (London UK-ENGLAND)
Paul Oscher (Austin TX)
Oso Leone (Palma de Mallorca SPAIN)
The Painted Redstarts (Austin TX)
Pale Seas (Southampton UK-ENGLAND)
Percance (San Jose COSTA RICA)
Josiel Perez's AC Jazz Project (Los Angeles CA)
Pompeya (Moscow RUSSIA)
Jay Prince (London UK-ENGLAND)
Chuck Prophet (San Francisco CA)
Public Access T.V. (New York NY)
Public Service Broadcasting (London UK-ENGLAND)
PUJOL (Columbia TN)
Quorum (Tokyo JAPAN)
Quiet Company (Austin TX)
Rainy Milo (London UK-ENGLAND)
Rival Consoles (London UK-ENGLAND)
Daniel Romano (Welland ON CANADA)
Peter Rosenberg (New York NY)
Daniel Roure Quartet (Toulon FRANCE)
Sadat X (New Rochelle NY)
Samini (Accra GHANA)
San Fermin (Brooklyn NY)
Sango (Seattle WA)
Saukrates (Toronto CANADA)
Sean Paul (Kingston JAMAICA)
Hunter Sharpe (Austin TX)
Andy Shauf (Regina CANADA)
Sicko Mobb (Chicago IL)
Samantha Savage Smith (Calgary CANADA)
Snootie Wild (Memphis TN)
Socalled (Montreal CANADA)
Sol (Seattle WA)
Sonido San Francisco (Xonacatlán MEXICO)
Sophie (London UK-ENGLAND)
Southern Hospitality (London UK-ENGLAND)
SPEAK (Austin TX)
George Stancell (Longview TX)
Peggy Stern Trio (Austin TX)
Sungod (Austin TX)
Surfer Blood (West Palm Beach FL)
S U R V I V E (Austin TX)
Sweater Beats (Brooklyn NY)
Swervedriver (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
Time For Three (Philadelphia PA)
The Ting Tings (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Trixie Trainwreck (Berlin GERMANY)
Tropics (London UK-ENGLAND)
Truth Universal (New Orleans LA)
TsuShiMaMiRe (Tokyo JAPAN)
Turbo Fruits (Nashville TN)
Benny Turner and Real Blues (New Orleans LA)
Twin Danger (Brooklyn NY)
Twin Shadow (Los Angeles CA)
Jonathan Tyler (Dallas TX)
Velvet Caravan (Savannah GA)
The Velvet Teen (Santa Rosa CA)
Victim Mentality (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Vision Fortune (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Voyeurs (London UK-ENGLAND)
Wardell (Los Angeles CA)
Water Liars (Oxford MS)
Juan Wauters (New York NY)
Wave Chapelle (Milwaukee WI)
Weyes Blood (New York City NY)
Whiskey Shivers (Austin TX)
Wild Throne (Bellingham WA)
Alex Wiley (Chicago IL)
Roosh Williams (Houston TX)
Lena Willikens (Cologne GERMANY)
Wolf Alice (London UK-ENGLAND)
Worldwide (San Antonio TX)
Xu Xu Fang (Mar Vista CA)
Young Empires (Toronto CANADA)
Your Old Droog (Brooklyn NY)
Yukon Blonde (Vancouver CANADA)
Yung Gleesh (Washington DC)
Zionstereo (Cali COLOMBIA)
The Zoltars (Austin TX)
The Zombies (St Albans UK-ENGLAND)
Zookeeper (Austin TX)
Zooly Gvng (Atlanta GA)
Yumi Zouma (Christchurch NEW ZEALAND)


First Wave SXSW Music Lineup Announcement

Agoraphobia (Boiro SPAIN)
Agosto (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Alvvays (Toronto CANADA)
Angus & Julia Stone (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Babes (New Orleans LA)
Baby In Vain (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires (Birmingham AL)
Ballet School (Berlin GERMANY)
Ball Park Music (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
The Barberettes (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Courtney Barnett (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
James Bay (Hitchin UK-ENGLAND)
Be Forest (Pesaro ITALY)
Big Phony (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Bishop Nehru (New York NY)
Blacklist Royals (Nashville TN)
Black Milk (Detroit MI)
Black Taxi (New York NY)
Bloods (Newtown AUSTRALIA)
Bogan Via (Los Angeles CA)
Bomba Estéreo (Bogotá COLUMBIA)
Bonaparte (Berlin GERMANY)
The Boxing Lesson (Austin TX)
Brolin (Yorkshire UK-ENGLAND)
Butcher Brown (Richmond VA)
Buenaparte (Lecheria VENEZUELA)
The California Honeydrops (Oakland CA)
Ben Caplan (Halifax CANADA)
Carl Barat and The Jackals (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ceschi (New Haven CT)
Charlotte OC (Blackburn UK-ENGLAND)
Cheerleader (Philadelphia MN)
ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band (Tokyo JAPAN)
The Church (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Civil Twilight (Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA)
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (Phoenix AZ)
Coasts (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Crew54 (Killeen TX)
Dark Time Sunshine (Seattle WA)
Deers (Madrid SPAIN)
Dena (Berlin GERMANY)
Diwan Saz (Yodefat ISRAEL)
The Dodos (San Francisco CA)
Cettina Donato & Serena Brancale Group (Messina ITALY)
Dream Police (Brooklyn NY)
Dry the River (London UK-ENGLAND)
East Cameron Folkcore (Austin TX)
Eastern Sidekick (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
El Conjunto Nueva Ola (Los Angeles CA)
El Freaky (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Él Mató A Un Policía Motorizado (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Fatherson (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Marcelo Fruet & os Cozinheiros (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)
Colin Gilmore (Austin TX)
GoldLink (Washington DC)
The Gooch Palms (Newcastle AUSTRALIA)
Jenn Grant (Halifax CANADA)
Haioka (Tokyo JAPAN)
Happyness (London UK-ENGLAND)
Haroon (Islamabad PAKISTAN)
Danny B. Harvey (Austin TX)
Mekaal Hasan Band (Lahore PAKISTAN)
Heat (Montreal CANADA)
Heaters (Grand Rapids MI)
Hey Marseilles (Seattle WA)
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Brooklyn NY)
Ibeyi (Paris FRANCE)
The Inspector Cluzo (Mont de Marsan FRANCE)
Institute (Austin TX)
Jared & The Mill (Tempe AZ)
Jitterbug Vipers (Austin TX)
Alexz Johnson (New York NY)
JoyCut (Bologna ITALY)
Dustin Kensrue (Orange County CA)
Khumariyaan (Peshawar PAKISTAN)
Hanne Kolstø (Oslo NORWAY)
Krypol Haze (Austin TX)
Ben Kweller (Austin TX)
Kydd (Austin TX)
La Orquesta Vulgar (Mexico City MEXICO)
The Last Bison (Chesapeake VA)
Howie Lee (Beijing CHINA)
The Lonely Wild (Los Angeles CA)
Lost Midas (Los Angeles CA)
Demi Louise (Boronia AUSTRALIA)
Love Inks (Austin TX)
Low Cut Connie (Philadelphia PA)
Low Roar (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Luluc (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Lust for Youth (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Lydia (Phoenix AZ)
Mai Dhai (Thar Parker PAKISTAN)
Marching Church (Copenhagen DENMARK)
MC Lars (Oakland CA)
Mew (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Mini Mansions (Los Angeles CA)
Miss Chain & The Broken Heels (Thiene ITALY)
Modestep (London UK-ENGLAND)
Moon Duo (Portland OR)
Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step (San Francisco CA)
mothercoat (Fukaya JAPAN)
Mr.Kitty (Austin TX)
Nakia (Austin TX)
Jay Nash and Josh Day are the Contenders (Los Angeles CA)
Natural Child (Nashville TN)
Nightmare Air (Los Angeles CA)
No Brain (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Noveller (Austin TX)
Ocellot (Barcelona SPAIN)
The Octopus Project (Austin TX)
Panda Elliot (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
The Parrots (Madrid SPAIN)
Pharmakon (New York NY)
Pommez Internacional (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Poor Rich Boy (Lahore PAKISTAN)
The Pop Group (London UK-ENGLAND)
Publicist UK (Longmont CO)
Quantic (New York NY)
Que (Atlanta GA)
Rangleklods (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Residual Kid (Austin TX)
Roddy (New Orleans LA)
Royal Teeth (New Orleans LA)
Sain Tanveer Brothers (Sialkot PAKISTAN)
Sertified (Austin TX)
Seven Davis Jr (Los Angeles CA)
Sexores (Barcelona SPAIN)
Silk Rodeo (Austin TX)
Charanjit Singh (Bombay INDIA)
Skinny Lister (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sleep ∞ Over (Austin TX)
Luisa Sobral (Lisbon PORTUGAL)
Songhoy Blues (Bamako MALI)
Sorne (Austin TX)
The Sour Notes (Austin TX)
The Stone Foxes (San Francisco CA)
Suboi (Saigon VIETNAM)
Suicideyear (Baton Rouge LA)
숨[su:m] (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Summer Heart (Malmo SWEDEN)
Sy Ari Da Kid (Atlanta GA)
Tanya Tagaq (Brandon CANADA)
Talking To Turtles (Leipzig GERMANY)
Talkshow (Bratislava SLOVAKIA)
The Big Pink (London UK-ENGLAND)
Thee Oh Sees (Los Angeles CA)
Jonathan Toubin (New York NY)
Tourmaline (Portland OR)
Transit (Calgary CANADA)
Hailey Tuck (London UK-ENGLAND)
Twerps (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
The Twilight Sad (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Twin Peaks (Chicago IL)
Txarango (Barcelona SPAIN)
Ume (Austin TX)
Vaadat Charigim (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Vampillia (Nihon'odori JAPAN)
Vockah Redu (New Orleans LA)
Vuurwerk (Brussels BELGIUM)
Wand (Los Angeles CA)
Jessie Ware (London UK-ENGLAND)
Warm Soda (Austin TX)
Lewis Watson (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
Weekend Money (New York NY)
Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts (Los Angeles CA)
Hank West & the Smokin Hots (Asheville NC)
Whitehorse (Toronto CANADA)
Jess Williamson (Austin TX)
Emily Wolfe (Austin TX)


Who do you want to see in the SXSW Music 2015 lineup?



SXSW Film Festival 2015 Headliners


BRAND: A Second Coming
Director: Ondi Timoner
(Festival Opener)


A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story
Director: Sara Hirsh Bordo
(World Premiere)


Ex Machina
(North American Premiere)


Hello, My Name is Doris
Director: Michael Showalter
(World Premiere)


The Invitation
Director: Karyn Kusama
(World Premiere)


Director: Jessica Edwards
(World Premiere)


Son of the Congo
(World Premiere / SXsports screening)


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