Is Dream Drop Right for You? A Beginner's Guide to Jackpot Slots

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Jackpot slot games have become all the rave for many enthusiasts of the classic video casino game. It’s unsurprisingly, really, given that they can add extra levels of excitement to the more traditional versions that are available.


A jackpot slot can provide players with the potential to win much bigger rewards, as the prizes can continue to escalate into the millions until they are won. These games can also often feature various mechanics that others may not always include in a basic or more simplified option.


However, with so many different types of jackpot slots now available to enjoy because of their popularity, questions are being asked. Players new to these games or who have very little experience playing them may wonder what the best type of jackpot game is to play, and Dream Drop titles can often be considered to be among them.



What are Dream Drop Jackpot games?

A Dream Drop game is a type of jackpot slot that has been created by Relax Gaming. They use the Relax Apex platform, and the software provider will level the Dream Drop everytime two wins have been achieved across the network.


The games that feature the Dream Drop mechanic will be equipped with five different jackpots. These are:

  • Rapid

  • Midi

  • Maxi

  • Major

  • Mega

Relax Gaming had announced that they would be increasing the prize of the jackpot by half a million until the Mega Jackpot would reach a value of 10 million.



What games feature the Dream Drop Jackpot?

If your interest has been piqued by the potential prizes that are on offer, then it’s worth considering what games are available to play with the Dream Drop feature. You will want to start off by using a reliable online casino in Canada like Unibet, as this will ensure a great game experience, as well as being afforded a variety of options to choose from in one place.


At the time of writing, this particular casino operator has 39 titles in its collection, but this is continually evolving as more are added constantly. Among the top titles that many enjoy are:

  • Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop

  • Dream Drop Vault

  • Cosmic Rush Dream Drop

  • Galactic Racers Dream Drop

  • Dead Man’s Trail Dream Drop



Are Dream Drop Jackpot games for you?

Of course, finding a game to play will often depend on your own personal preferences. This may involve the themes and designs that are used, as these can help to keep you motivated, engaged, and immersed in the action.


With a variety of different themes available, you may find that there is something out there that can suit your tastes better than others. Indeed, you may also find that there isn’t one, which might have an impact on whether you like these types of games.


Alternatively, it could be all about the features inside the game, such as bonuses or the return to player (RTP) rate and/or volatility of the game. Bonus games can include free spins and other triggerable features through the use of special symbols or random moments that can activate the jackpots that are available.



How should you play Dream Drop Jackpots?

If you decide Dream Drop Jackpots are the way to go and want to experience one of these for the first time and are not sure how to go about it, there are a few tips and bits of advice that should be kept in mind at all times.


Firstly, it’s important not to become overwhelmed by these games. At their core, they are exactly the same as traditional video online slots. They will need to be played in the same way. The only difference is that they contain the five jackpots that the Dream Drop mechanic is about, and these will often only ever be triggered randomly. There isn’t a lot that you can do to encourage these to be activated, so just remain calm and play as normal.


Additionally, it’s vital to remain disciplined and only wager what you can afford with each spin. There isn’t an advantage to spending more money on spins or over a period of time when trying to activate the jackpots that are available. Be safe and steady with your betting approach, and keep in mind what has been spent. 


Remember, it is all about the fun that you can enjoy, the potential lucrative wins are just an added bonus!



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