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Apple AR Glasses: Release Date, Features, Specs & Rumors

  The Apple AR Glasses release date looks increasingly like late 2022. Find out all of the latest Apple AR Glasses features, specs & rumors for the new release date.  

The Apple AR Glasses release date might be in Q4 of 2022 according to a research note from analyst Ming-chi Kuo. This has been reported on by a number of outlets who all vie in on the Apple AR Glasses release date.


MacRumors said the Apple AR Glasses will be “carrying a pair of processors to support its high-end capabilities,” based onto research note from Ming-Chi Kuo, which MacRumors claims to have seen. Ming-Chi Kuo is an analyst at TF International Securities, a financial services group in the Asia-Pacific region.


9to5Mac said that Apple’s AR headset will have a processor “with the same computing power level as the Mac.”Although some say that it could be powered by the iPhone.




They also said that Ming-Chi Kuo wrote “[I]t has Mac-level (PC-level) computing power, (2) it can operate independently without relying on a Mac (PC) or an iPhone (phone), and (3) it supports a comprehensive range of applications rather than specific applications.”


It’s a popular trend right now for augmented reality glasses to rely on the mobile phone for a lot of the processing power as well as interactivity. This means the phone will act as a remote control. We'll have to see if Apple's offereing release on the iPhone for processing power or has it onboard in the glasses.


Apple AR Glasses are a lively topic in the smart glasses / augmented reality glasses world for 2022. This is leaving people guessing what the Apple Glasses release date might be and what the Apple Glasses features might be.




Morgan Stanley thinks that Apple is moving into a phase that looks like Apple did before the Apple Watch initial launch, saying in a report "Apple's entry into the eyewear market will be the game changer for all participants as the technology gets normalized and popularized," the Morgan Stanley team said. "Apple's patent portfolio is beginning to mirror the period prior to the Watch launch."



Apple Glasses Release Date

I don’t know whether Apple glasses will be released first or an apple VR headset will be released first. Although the popular census is that the Apple VR headset will come out first it seems increasingly likely that Apple Glasses and a wider augmented release will happen 2022.


Bloomberg is projecting 2023 as a likely timeframe for an Apple Glasses release date, but it seems more likely in 2022 along with the iPhone 14, which should have enhanced augmented reality features. This builds on Apple earbuds already having spatial audio in their current form, which is a precursor for a good AR experience.



Apple Glasses Price

The current consensus price of Apple glasses is $500, placing below the other augmented reality glasses already being offered, like the Microsoft Hololens ($3500) or Vuzix Blade ($800).



Apple Glasses Features & Specs

  • A current rundown of potential Apple Glasses features & specs include:
    - LiDAR scanner
    - Swappable arms, with different arms dedicated to specific functions of specialization
    - A field of view of 52 degrees
    - A resolution of 47 ppi
    - About three hours of battery time
    - It’s widely believed that Apple glasses will run on the starboard OS or maybe glassOS.
    - WiFi6e

Apple Glasses Patents

The latest Apple Glasses patent news right now is that there’s a new patent by Apple that includes a mention of “privacy eyewear.” Patently Apple has reported that talks about “providing personalized graphical outputs and, in particular, to systems, processes, and methods for displaying vision-corrected graphical outputs and standard graphical outputs on an electronic device.”


There’s also an Apple Glasses patent for a “direct retinal projector,” in which Apple Glasses could project images directly on to your eye. AppleInsider has reported on this by saying that Apple could “could skip tiny screens altogether, and instead use micro projectors to beam the images straight onto the wearer's retina.”


This where AR glasses get into real cool futuristic ideas and trends — where actually living in a time where projecting images onto your eye to create a visualization you can interact with are really actually happening. It’s not sci-fi stuff anymore.


Apple Glasses Patents


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