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How To Increase Your Instagram Reach In 2023

  By Spacelab  
  The latest Instagram algorithm updates have brought us more news about how to increase your Instagram reach: Instagram Reels, search-savvy content and original material. Here's what's coming.  

The latest Instagram algorithm updates have brought us more news about how to increase your Instagram reach.

The biggest things to take action on right now for Instagram reach are:

Make Content For Instagram Reels

Make sure you can view your Instagram Reels vertically and in full-screen mode. This includes 9 x 16 vertical videos.  Your Reels should have some kind of hook to keep people watching once autoplay kicks in, and you only have a few seconds to catch a viewers attention. 

Don’t make you Reels long, they should be very consumable, at about 10 - 90 seconds. Don’t make them longer than 90 seconds.



Instagram Reach | Reels | Search


Instagram Reels are getting the most reach in this survey


Optimize Your Content For Instagram Search

Instagram Search was announced a while back as new place for discovery of content, and some things to focus on are keywords, think SEO-like (search engine optimization) keyword use. The algorithm can read the text in your post, so write text to go in the caption that uses keywords related to your content strategy.


Here's a to-do list on how to level up your Instagram Search game.

Don’t post without a caption or short captions, this is an area that Instagram search is targeting to find content in a search. This is your opportunity get search-savvy ad end up on a search discovery page.

If you don’t like writing and like a more coversational approach, try doing voice-to-text in a word processing app to capture your thoughts if you’re using to doing impromptu videos.


This will let you work through your thoughts verbally and capture them in text. Then go back and edit what was captured to clean up the copy and make it nice and neat and readable. Then post that shit.


Here's a to-do list on how to succeed as a Creator.

Make sure your Instagram bio has relevant keywords and hashtags in it, when people search for content the algorithm will also look at your bio to match you up with searchers.

Post Original Content, Stay Away From Reposts For Other Instagram Profiles

If you’ve been doing a fan page, just reposting stuff from other accounts or recycling content without adding anything new to it, this is your official notice: that doesn’t work anymore.

As a matter of fact, it will will probably take you out of rotation and you’ll see your views, likes and comments decline.

On the positive side: this is your chance to start a new direction. Create a content strategy and roll forward with it. You’ll be glad you did.

You might even want to consider starting a new profile that has no history of reposts. People that are doing are liking their results because there's oot a negative history or shadow ban associated with your profile. Here are some tips on how to avoid killing your growth as a creator.

Something to be aware of: although this awareness of getting away from reposts was recently announced by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri , and is now part of the updated Instagram Guidelines, SEO Journal just published an article that contradicts this, with the headline “Instagram Beta Testing New Repost Feature.”

Go figure. We’ll have to see how this plays out in the coming weeks.

Don’t Repost Your Own Content From Other Platforms And Apps Like TikTok Or Others

Instagram wants to stop people from creating content on TikTok and just importing that content to instagram to dual purpose it.

The official word from Instagram is “Avoid visibly recycled content. Don’t post reels that are visibly from other apps (i.e. contain watermarks) or that are low quality.”

There’s an easy workaround here that you can do to create content for multiple platforms: level up your creator game by creating your video as a stand-alone video. Then upload that video separately to each app.

If you think this is to much of a hassle, then consider this: it will increase your reach on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other platforms if you optimize for each platform. They all have different demands on optimizing what will increase your reach.



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