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Making Your Content Blueprint As A Creator

  By Spacelab  
  Make a content strategy that works by using this blueprint. You can make your own content calendar with great new ideas!  

As a creator, the day-in day-out grind of creating new content to post can be exhausting. The best move is to get strategic in your planning: create a blueprint for you to repeat week after week that’s adaptable to new ideas, but also focuses on what kind of content will resonate with your audience.

I give to you: a content blueprint for you to use to make your life easier, and your content better.



Step One: Choose Your Platform

It's best to start with one social media platform, so you can apply all of your time to building your first platform audience.

Later on, you can add a second and third platform to build on. Possibly even more.

It's important to grow your first platform, and focus on that, because you want to put all of your energy into growing your first audience.

It also makes it easier to create better contacts, instead of spreading yourself too thin.



Step Two: Choose Your Posting Frequency

It's common for people to want to post a lot in the beginning, but it's better to actually be more measured in how you start out.

To start, you want to create a schedule that you can meet, as well as build the habit of creating posts. That's square one.

Also, you want to focus on quality and in the beginning. 

Instead of rushing out a bunch of ad hoc posts, just to get posts out, you're better off focusing on quality. You can increase your post frequency later on down the line.

This is where we introduce the idea of a content calendar. 

All you need to start is a simple calendar that identifies what day of the week you are going to post. That can be a  traditional calendar, a spreadsheet or whatever you're most comfortable using. 

This sets up of a couple of things: a target to hit. 

1. The idea of coming up with a strategy before you make your posts.

2. Developing the habit and repetition of creating content on an ongoing basis.



Step Three: Define What Your Content Will Be

Chances are that you already have a general idea of what types of things you want to post about.

This benefit here is creating a hard definition of what you will be about. 

You can always change and modify as you go, and add things on or remove things, but it's important that you start with a clear definition of what you will be about.

To do this, just start writing your ideas out: this can be handwritten, typed into a document, or even recorded as audio; whatever you're the most comfortable with will work best.

Your goal is to create a 1 - 3 sentence definition of what you’re about. This will serve as your guide post when you want to create content.



Step Four: Content Research

This is always one of the funnest parts of the process, because you're going to go out and consume a lot of content on the subjects you like learning about.

Also, ideas aren't generated out of nowhere, we need to feed our minds with information in order to come up with ideas of our own. 

All ideas come from existing ideas. 

When we take those ideas and work them into our own thoughts and goals, we make them our own.

As you do your research, think about what types of things and ideas would make up a good post.

Write down these ideas for the posts you're going to create. 

This also builds targets for you to hit as you create your outlined framework of how we're going to go about this.



Step Five: Plug Into Your Calendar and Start Creating

You can mix two different ideas here: 

1. What you've been wanting to post about. This is why you started this whole process in the first place.

2. Work with current trends and concepts. Part of the fun is being part of a current moment, and you want to make room for posts like that as well. 

Also, current trends are the type of stuff that people will want to consume, so this helps draw attention to your posts and start to build a following.

The fun part happens when you mix current trends with your defined content summary, this is where you become truly original.

So to sum it all up, there’s a few  steps to creating your content blueprint

First, choose your platform carefully, dedicating your energy to growing a singular audience before expanding to additional platforms. 

Second, determine your posting frequency, emphasizing quality over quantity and establishing a content calendar to develop a consistent posting habit. 

Third, define your content's focus, crafting a clear and concise definition of your brand's message. 

Fourth, engage in content research, gathering inspiration and ideas to fuel your own creativity. 

Finally, integrate these elements into your content calendar, balancing your unique ideas with current trends to create compelling posts. 

Remember, this process is not just about gaining followers but about finding your voice and making a mark in the digital world. As you embark on this journey, keep in mind that every step you take is a building block towards creating a unique and impactful online presence. Good luck!



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