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X Video Spaces: How Creators Can Use This New Tool

  X Video Spaces: How Creators Can Use This New Tool  
  By Spacelab  

X Video Spaces is that it is now available in a live test for some X Premium subscribers. This means that a limited number of users can now launch Spaces chats with live video in-stream.


Some X Premium subscribers able to launch Spaces chats in the video in-stream.


When you launch a Video Spaces session, you can flip the "Enable video" switch during setup to open the Spaces window with your device's video turned on.



This feature introduces an additional dimension to Spaces conversations, allowing everyone to connect through live video.



Key Points About The X Video Spaces Features

  • Currently in testing: It's important to note that this is still a test feature and not widely available to all users yet.

  • iOS only: As of now, Video Spaces seem to be exclusive to the iOS app, with no confirmation on availability for Android or web yet.

  • Similar to Twitch: The feature is described as being similar to Twitch, where the host's video feed is prominently displayed, but unlike Twitch, any selected audience member can still chime in with audio.

Right now, in a standard Video Spaces session, the host's video feed is prominently displayed at the center, surrounded by smaller icons representing other speakers, co-hosts, or listeners present in the space. It differs from Twitch in that any participant granted permission can respond.



X Video Spaces Ideas

X Video Spaces, as a concept, suggests a digital platform or feature within an app where users can engage in live video conversations, share content, or collaborate in a virtual space. Here are several use examples for you to use:


  • Remote Team Meetings: Teams working remotely can use Video Spaces for their regular meetings, enabling participants to engage more personally than through voice calls alone. The video element adds a layer of non-verbal communication, enhancing teamwork and collaboration.

  • Webinars and Workshops: Educators and trainers can utilize Video Spaces to conduct live webinars or workshops, allowing for real-time interaction with attendees. This can include Q&A sessions, live demonstrations, and breakout rooms for more focused discussions.

  • Virtual Conferences: Organizations can host virtual conferences in Video Spaces, featuring keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities in virtual rooms. This enables wide participation without the geographical and cost barriers of physical events.

  • Customer Support: Businesses can offer a more personalized customer support experience through Video Spaces, allowing customers to explain their issues more clearly and receive live assistance.

  • Product Demonstrations: Companies can use Video Spaces to showcase new products or services to potential customers, offering live demonstrations and answering questions in real-time, adding a personal touch to the sales process.

  • Social Gatherings: Friends and family separated by distance can use Video Spaces for virtual get-togethers, celebrations, and casual hangouts, making it easier to stay connected.

  • Creative Collaborations: Artists, musicians, and creators can collaborate on projects in real-time through Video Spaces, sharing ideas, giving feedback, and working together as if they were in the same room.

  • Health and Wellness: Fitness instructors and wellness coaches can conduct live classes and consultations via Video Spaces, providing a more interactive and engaging experience than pre-recorded content.

  • Gaming and Esports: Gamers and esports enthusiasts can use Video Spaces for live streaming, watch parties, and discussing strategies, enhancing the community aspect of gaming.

  • Civic Engagement: Local governments and community organizations can hold public meetings and forums in Video Spaces, allowing residents to participate in civic discussions and decision-making processes from anywhere.


X Video Spaces are going to be a great option for breaking news, live events, remote team meetings, webinars, workshops, virtual conferences, creative collaborations, personal trainer fitness sessions and more.



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