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  YouTube Creator Features For The Metaverse  

YouTube Creator Features For The Metaverse

  February 16, 2022 / Updated February 21  
  YouTube is rolling out new features for YouTube Creators, including Metaverse tools, new live stream features and NFT products. Here's what's coming.

YouTube is now fully into the idea of a Metaverse, and it can create new features for YouTube Creators inline with that concept. All ideas are on the table, including some of the Creator features listed below. That includes use of NFTs, the blockchain, collaboration tools for Creators to partner with other Creators, additional livestreaming tools and more.






The Vergecast interview with YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan


YouTube NFTs

Web3 enables the ability to use the blockchain and NFTs so that Creators can deepen their connection to their fans. In the Vergecast interview embeded above, YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan ran through the potential features with Nilay Patel and Katie Ceck that are all on the table.


They talked about the following options for YouTube Creator NFT / Metaverse features that could be possibly roll out in the future:

  • Owning a still of a YouTube video
  • Owning a full YouTube video
  • Pre funding or crowd funding YouTube videos or larger video projects
  • Derivates - clips or shorts of YouTube videos
  • Thumbnails or iconic thumbnails that come from the video


New YouTube Creator Features

Neal Mohan said that YouTube will be thinking of ways to add value for not only the YouTube Creators, but also adding value for the viewers as well. Other YouTube Creator feature ideas that Neal Mohan mentioned in his post to the official YouTube Blog:

  • Creators can reply to comments with short videos, which is a feature already available on TikTok
  • Live streaming will be integrated into video shorts
  • Collaborative live streams will enable Creators to go live together in a single video
  • YouTube Shorts will be monetized
  • The ability to gift a membership for a YouTube channel to someone
  • The ability to link to an artist’s video for a song when a Creator uses their music in their own video


YouTube Creators will soon be able to set channel guidelines for comments to assist in moderating the comments to the videos. This can guide a lively discussion, devoid of the type of negativity that used to define YouTube comments.



UPDATE: As a way to highlight when a YouTube livestream is happening, YouTube is adding some new features to indicate that it’s currently happening.

First, there will be the word “LIVE” on top of the avatar/thumbnail, as well as a bright red ring to attract attention. This is similar to what we see during a live stream on Instagram or TikTok.


YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan announced this on Twitter, saying “Really focused making it easier for users to find livestreams on
@YouTube so we're rolling out the Live rings feature on mobile! @YouTubeCreators streaming live will now have a ring around the channel avatar & clicking on the avatar will take you directly to the livestream.”




The Verge also mentions that “YouTube says it plans to roll out new video effects, and editing capabilities. Bloomberg adds that “Web3 backers often hold up NFTs and other crypto-fueled projects as better alternatives for creators to make money than ad platforms like YouTube and Instagram, which control distribution of their content and how they’re paid.”


YouTube Data For Inspo
Neal also said that YouTube will be “Introducing new insights in YouTube Studio that empower smarter creation. Our tool will harness YouTube and Google’s data sets and allow creators to better understand viewer demand, helping generate concrete content ideas for upcoming videos.”




There are already features in place that Creators can use … Super Chat and Channel Memberships are two popular uses.


YouTube Superchat

When Creators go live, they can make money with the Super Chat. Viewers can send money to Youtube Creator during their livestream as a means of support and appreciation. Viewers purchase a chat message that will stand out and appear at the top of a chat feed. 


This often goes with a Q&A session on a live broadcast, as a way to get a question answered more quickly. It replaced Fan Funding, which was a way to tip your favorite Creators.

YouTube Channel Memberships

A YouTube Channel Membership is a paid subscription to your channel. Viewers who regularly watch videos from a YouTube Creator can support the channel by buying a Channel Membership to show appreciation or even as a means of support for the Creator.


Channel Memberships often come at a variety of tiers, each with different perks or benefits. Advantages include exclusive content or services.


This is YouTube’s way of competing with platforms like Patreon or OnlyFans. YouTube will take 30% of the revenue and the Creator takes home 70%.


Check out the video below from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on YouTube's priorities for 2022, or read her post on the YouTube Blog.





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