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The Best Instagram Trends In 2023

The Ultimate Instagram Guide For 2023


  February 22, 2023  
  By Spacelab  
  Learn about the best Instagram trends for 2023. The ultimate guide with new ideas, the best new trends and how you can get it done in 2023.  

Here are the best Instagram trends you should use as you walk through 2023. Instagram trends today involve a few of the usual but still relevant trends, but mostly new ideas that are still untapped.


This includes latest instagram trends for artificial intelligence, boosted content, UGC creators (user-generated-content), and the best content strategy to work into Reels, Stories and Posts.

After all, 2023 is your year to SLAY with your Instagram content. Some have left the platform for dead, but they’re missing the opportunity. If you’re an Instagram content creator, this is your time to shine while everyone is chasing the latest shiny social media object.

Listed below are the best ways for you to kill it on Instagram in 2023.

Instead of considering the best Instagram trends this week, focus on ideas with a longer shelf life for your content.

The more personal and dynamic your Instagram content is, the better it will work.

Here’s a list of the Best Instagram Trends For 2023, you can click on each one to directly go to that idea, or just scroll down the page.



  The most popular Instagram trends include artificial intelligence, user-generated-content creators, boosted content, metaverse and avatars, music in posts, Instagram Reels, video memes, and affiliate marketing and brand partnerships.  


The Best Instagram Trends For You In 2023

Artificial Intelligence On Instagram In 2023

Artificial Intelligence on Instagram in 2023 is unfolding in front of us more every week.You’ve probably come across names like Dall-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT by now. Look for more writing from AI tools as well as image creation. The X-factor that ’s out there but doesn’t exist at large yet but is sure to come in the future: AI generated audio & video tools.


UGC Creators On Instagram In 2023

UGC creators on Instagram is becoming a runaway new trend —— and it’s social media content creators offering to be hired for their social media skills to create social media content for others. It’s a new form of freelancing specifically for social media. 

After all,  people spend their days creating content for their own profile and get mad skills, so why not offer that as service for others? Enter the concept of UGC creators.






Boosted Instagram Content In 2023

Instagram has gone though many algorithm changes in the past two years, leaving older tactics like hashtags in the dust as a usable form of getting more visibility. Which leaves the boosted post option front and center. 

The cynical take is that Insta reduced to old ways to force people for paying for more prominence in the feed. 

The better take is: why not pay for reach? The old tactics were barely effective, and boosting your post for money is a sure-fire way to get saturation in the feed. Look for boosted Instagram posts to grow.


Metaverse And Avatars On Instagram In 2023

Look for a lot more creative uses of other digital spaces. Metaverse ideas will be worked onto Instagram by creators who want use avatars, NFTs and a lot of metaverse spaces.

How this will work: some ideas include videos of other digital spaces like Roblox, Decentraland and more. Also watch for augmented reality as AR sees a bigger release across the web in 2023. This will be one of the most adventurous trends of the year.


Music In Instagram Posts In 2023

This takes a Reels style approach to individual posts & carousel posts, providing a musical backdrop to photo-based content. This is a great continuing feature, and now it brings image-based posts to life.





Instagram Reels In 2023

With TikTok and YouTube prioritizing short burst videos, Instagram Reels in 2023  are definitely the biggest continuing trend. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri  said that Instagram would now have one video format to make it easier to use, and that format is Reels.


Instagram Video Memes In 2023

It’s a meme life and everybody’s just living in it. Instagram video memes is the newest segment of the long-celebrated meme format carried out in video posts. So instead of the usual photo with text to illustrate the point of a meme, use video. This opens up the potential for multiple on-screen captions coming in a different time on the video.


Affiliate Marketing and Brand Partnerships On Instagram In 2023

Affiliate marketing has always been a popular choice for Creators, and Instagram has wisely decided to make it supported as feature of the platform. This will roll out in 2023 and is sure to be used by most creators by the end of the year.

Collabs are a way for you to build branded content partnerships. The collaboration of Brandons & influencers/creators has always been a thing, but now it’s becoming a real Instagram feature built into the platform in a way it never has before.





Filters and Effects on Instagram In 2023

There’s a rise in augmented reality (AR)-based Instagram filters. There are a great way to be creative and can be added to Instagram Stories and Reels. This one’s fun to experiment with and will put you you ahead of the pack.




Instagram trends for 2023 involve a mix of new and existing trends. The most popular ones include artificial intelligence, user-generated-content creators, boosted content, metaverse and avatars, music in posts, Instagram Reels, video memes, and affiliate marketing and brand partnerships.

There’s so much to choose from: Artificial intelligence on Instagram is expected to grow, with the creation of AI-generated audio and video tools. UGC creators are a new form of freelancing in social media, where social media content creators offer their services to others. 

Boosted posts are becoming a popular way to get more visibility on Instagram, while video memes are the newest form of the meme trend. The metaverse trend will see creative uses of other digital spaces, augmented reality, and avatars.

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