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iPhone 14 Release Date, Features & Rumors | UPDATE 2

  August 14 / Updated August 17  
  By Corey Tate  

Get the latest iPhone 14 rumors, features, specs & sizes for the new release date. The latest includes production news for iPhone 14.


Big news & rumors are happening for the Apple iPhone 14 release date. iPhone 14 production has allegedly begun. Check out the latest iPhone 14 rumors, iPhone 14 feature rumors, and iPhone 14 price estimates below.


iPhone 14 Release Date

UPDATE: The iPhone 14 release date is September 7, as announced today by Mark Gurman at Bloomberg.


Now for the latest on the iPhone 14 release date ... It’s looking good for the release of the iPhone 14 at an Apple event in September … and that's a month that’s only two weeks away. The iPhone 14 will be the focus of the event, which will present a new iPhone 14 Plus and and iPhone 14 Max.


9To5Mac is reporting that we should “expect great changes for the iPhone 14 Pro” and it will have “a new design, a better processor, and huge improvements on the camera’s side.” They’re predicting the new iPhone 14 release to be one of the biggest Apple launches in years. Get hyped!





iPhone 14 Rumors

Now for the best new iPhone 14 Rumors ... Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the iPhone 14 Pro could be the most expensive Apple smartphone ever released. It’s tough to tell if this because of new features, inflation or both.


The iPhone 14 Pro might double the base storage on the entry-level model from 128GB to 256GB.


It also seems likely that the iPhone 14 release will include a new Lock Screen, with an always-on display for widgets. This will be easy access and powered with an always-on display with low brightness and low frame rate to preserve battery use.





Apple is looking to order 90 million new iPhone 14’s from suppliers, according to Bloomberg. This many phones as it asked for last year, but it’s possible that it’s not the only order that Apple will make. More phones might be manufactured after the initial order.




This is at odds with Jon Prosser’s breaking news on Front Page Tech that production issues with the iPhone 14 Pro's display panel and rear cameras' coating are preventing them from being produced. Cracks are appearing on the coating, according to Jon.


Also … your new iPhone 14 release might come with more ads from Apple, according to Mark Gurman today in his Power On newsletter. So the company that surfaced ATT or Ad Tracking Transparency in which it limited ad tracking as a means to seeking privacy control for its users will now, wait for it … surface more Apple ads on your iPhone.


I personally saw ATT as a way for Apple to hype privacy issues for its customers while also severely limiting the ad revenue of its competitors, something that has hit Meta, Google, San and others in the past year.


Gurman agrees, saying “Another ironic detail here is that the company’s advertising system uses data from its other services and your Apple account to decide which ads to serve. That doesn’t feel like a privacy-first policy.”



iPhone 14 Features

New lock screen

Faster A16 chip
Improved from-facing camera
New rear-camera system with a 48 megapixel sensor & wide-angle lens
New notch as a pill-shaped cutout for Face ID
Front hole punch camera
Thinner bezels
8GB ram
Qualcomm X65 modem
ProMotion display
New purple color, alongside green, blue, black, white and red
iPhone 14 Pro colors will be purple, green, silver and graphite



iPhone 14 Price

It’s likely that the starting price for iPhone 14 will be $799 and the starting price for the iPhone 14 Pro will be $999.







iPhone 14 Size

The estimation of iPhone 14 sizes is remaining the same as past estimates on changes — iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are rumored to have a 6.1-inch display. The iPhone 14 Plus and Pro Max is likely to have a 6.7-inch display.






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iPhone 14 Release Date, Features & Rumors


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