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Best USA Music Festivals In 2024: Electronic Music & EDM


  By Spacelab  
  The ultimate guide to the best electronic music & EDM festivals in the USA in 2024.  

This is a list of the best electronic music festivals in the USA. Check out a list of some the biggest and most popular EDM festivals that you know and love; like Electric Forest, Ultra Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas, Lost Lands and more … 

And yet there’s also some of the best of the small and midsize electronic music and EDM festivals as well. When you’re done here, feel free to wade through the Spacelab Music Festival Guide, which lists music festivals of all kinds all over the world. You can dive down into music festivals in different regions  or check the entire list at large of festivals.

Electronic Music has been grooving since the 1970s under the genres of Techno, Disco, Krautrock and Hip-Hop. The transition to EDM took time, but it's now a staple in contemporary culture. The evolution from the 1970s to today's EDM raves is a symbol of our changing times. And it continues to grow.

So here it is … a bucket list of the best Electronic Music and EDM music festivals in the USA … you can click on a name in the list below to jump immediately to that festival, or just scroll down the feed and view them as you go.


Best Music Festivals 2024: Electronic Music & EDM In The USA


Ultra Music Festival

Ultra 2024 is a tropical hook up of electronic musicians and minds with a lineup of house music, trance, dubstep, electro and more! Worldwide DJs on the international scene will come to Ultra Music Festival at Bayfront Park in Miami for the mecca of all electronic music festivals, to play their most-hyped sets of the year. Ultra 2024 will be three days of music, pool parties and sun!

Preview the Ultra Music Festival lineup, tickets, schedule and experience in our Ultra Music Festival 2024 guide.




EDC Las Vegas

EDC Las Vegas 2024 is the mecca of all Insomniac festivals, the biggest EDC happening of the year. EDC Las Vegas features a lineup of house, techno, trance, and bass music, and it typically takes place over three days.

Preview the EDC Las Vegas lineup, tickets, schedule and experience in our EDC Las Vegas 2024 guide.




Electric Forest

Insomniac Events has created Electric Forest as a magical electronic music festival that's like Alice In Wonderland meets the forest. Electric Forest 2024 is a trippy fusion of music, art, and consciousness that transforms the forest into a mesmerizing light show. At Electric Forest, you can dance to a diverse lineup of genres, including jam bands, House Music, Bass, Trance, Dubstep, Electro and more.

Preview the Electric Forest lineup, tickets, schedule and experience in our Electric Forest 2024 guide.




Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo 2024 is the go-to electronic music festival in New York as one the biggest, baddest festivals in the city. It features a lineup of house music, trance, dubstep, electro and more. Electric Zoo is an internationally recognized festival and is certainly one of New York City's biggest and most popular music festivals.

Preview the Electric Zoo lineup, tickets, schedule and experience in our Electric Zoo 2024 guide.




CRSSD Festival

CRSSD Festival 2024 is an electronic music festival in San Diego, and has grown into a highly-regarded event that avoids the worst of EDM trappings. Check out a lineup of techno and underground house at Waterfront Park in San Diego for two days of sun and music.

Preview the CRSSD Festival lineup, tickets, schedule and experience in our CRSSD Festival 2024 guide.





Lost Lands

Lost Lands 2024 is a music festival created by Excision, aka Jeff Abel. It has a lineup of bass-heavy electronic music, including dubstep, trap, drum and bass, house, techno and more. Lost Lands is an ancestral, tribal gathering of bassheads with a prehistoric theme.

Preview the Lost Lands lineup, tickets, schedule and experience in our Lost Lands 2024 guide.




Movement Music Festival

Detroit is considered the birthplace of techno for a few reasons, which make Movement Music Festival an ideal event to capture the spirit of techno in. Movement Music Festival 2024 in features a lineup of mainly classic Detroit techno alongside other genres of electronic music and EDM.

Preview the Movement Music Festival lineup, tickets, schedule and experience in our Movement Music Festival 2024 guide.




Beyond Wonderland

Beyond Wonderland 2024 has a lineup of house music, trance, dubstep, electro and more in an electronic music festival that uses story-telling to create a fantasy about the Queen and her Royal Court. It's an electronic dance music festival and a camping festival.

Preview the Beyond Wonderland lineup, tickets, schedule and experience in our Beyond Wonderland 2024 guide.





Imagine Music Festival

Imagine Music Festival 2024 combines a lineup of electronic music & EDM with cirque-style artists. You get dubstep, electro, house music, techno and more. The festival is an aquatic fairytale with fantastic atmospheres, circus performers, mermaids, sea creatures and art installations to enhance the underwater experience.

Preview the Imagine Music Festival lineup, tickets, schedule and experience in our Imagine Music Festival 2024 guide.




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